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Fantastic Plastic 3D Printshop

Greetings fellow 3D printing, prop builders, cosplay enthusiasts and general all around hobbyists.

The goal of this website is to provide a starting point for makers to be able to purchase parts and/or kits to begin their project endeavors without having to start from complete scratch. Let us at Fantastic Plastic 3d Printshop give you that starting point for you to be able to build the functional props from your imagination and beyond. 

Fantastic Plastic will start with parts/kits of pop culture props and cosplay parts/accessories. We will have a custom order section for you to contact us directly with your own ideas about what you want custom designed.  New listings will be added monthly. Please feel free to email us about things you would like to see on our site. 

We may be new to the E-commerce world but we have been mixed up in the 3D printing scene since day one.

Please bare with us as we continue to work on parts and kits so that we may become a sophisticated and comprehensive website as to one day become the home for all your hobbyist printing needs.

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