Refund Policy Fantastic Plastic will reprint/replace/ship out a broken part/parts that was broken in shipping at zero cost to the buyer. Fantastic Plastic will not reprint/replace/ship out a broken part/parts if broken by the buyer themselves. Fantastic Plastic will take this as a case to case basis. If you have a broken part because of shipping issues please contact us with a picture of said broken part/parts and we will make the decision and send out a replacement part. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. But please reach out to us even if you do break a part yourself and we’ll see what we can do! Most part kits printed may ship in different colors than the pictures on the listings themselves unless specified on listing that the parts will be a certain color.  Most kits and statues are made to be assembled and painted by the buyer so color of the print shouldn’t matter too much. Most parts will need some clean up and sanding by the buyer, supports will be removed by us here at Fantastic Plastic. Take care in drilling parts, especially the resin parts as cracking could occur. Clean resin parts with soap and water before painting. When sanding plastic parts with a reciprocating sander please use lowest setting or plastic will melt. Priming is suggested before painting.

Refund Policy

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