About Me

Thomas-Lemieux.jpgMy name is Thomas Lemieux. I am a “maker” that has been a part of the 3D printing world since 2013.

I’m a Mainer with a kind creative soul and I’ve tinkered with a-many creative arts my whole life. Having graduated with degrees in computer science and fine arts, I have tried my hand at everything from painting to metal welding and now 3D printing. In 2013, I started Ironman of Maine and joined up with the amazing Maine Ghostbusters, both non-profit groups, that love to cosplay and raise money for great causes such as the Center for Grieving Children, based out of Portland Maine, Barbra Bush Children's Hospital and Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital. Through these non-profit groups I have made connections to many online cosplay and prop communities, which truly helped me hone my craft. When I first started, 3D printers were still new to consumers and were very expensive with a fraction of the features that they have today. Little to no prop/cosplay makers in my communities used 3D printing at all. One of my first 3D print projects was the very first 3D printed Ghostbusters Proton Pack in the world, which was designed by Tony Goacher based out of Manchester, United Kingdom.


Fast forward about a decade later, consumers are now printing almost anything you can think of.

The bulk of the Proton packs out there are now 3d printed vs the old days where fiberglass resin and aluminum was used. My second big 3D printing endeavor was a complete Avengers Endgame Mark 85 Ironman suit, which was designed by the great people at DO3D.com. Again, a decade has changed so much, because instead of making my suits out of foam floor mats from Sears and mod podge, I 3D printed the entire suit from recycled bottle caps that I turn into printing filament/plastic. Its truly “Fantastic” to say the least.


During this journey of making props and cosplay suits I’ve learned a lot about 3D printing. 

I started with a Makerbot replicator 2 printer in 2013 and since then have a total of 18 3D Printers, consisting of Prusa MK3Ss, an ender 5 plus, elegoo Jupiter, elegoo Saturn and a soon to come Prusa XL. 

These printers are packed with detail, time and money saving features. 

The software that run these printers has come such a long way as well and really helps me fine tune the props I build. I’ve learned so much on all the post work that needs to be done on these printed parts as well. The post work is my specialty, that’s where I shine most in the assembling, priming, painting and making custom electronics to make my props light up, move, smoke, and make sound effects. 

It’s been a long road and I’ve come so far. 

So now I want to share my efforts with the world. I’m new to E-commerce so I hope you all can bare with me while I master this new endeavor. I hope to be able to help the prop building and cosplay world by giving back all that I have learned from others and pay it forward, so to speak.

Please message me on here or on social media so we can get to know each other and travel this creative 3D printing world together. 

Thanks for your time and keep on Making! 

 With Love and creativity, 

 Thomas Michael Lemieux 

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