Ghostbusters Afterlife RTV Ghost Trap Kit

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Ghostbusters Afterlife RTV Ghost Trap Kit

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Listing does not come with a fully completed/built RTV.  Kit comes with unfinished parts only. 

Need a great start/foundation to build your RTV and don’t know where to start? Well here’s a great place to begin. Below is the bulk of the info you’ll need to really get your RTV rolling.

No need to cut up the original Traxxas stampede chassis anymore now that you’ll have a custom designed RTV version. There are two version available: Classic and Practical. 

The classic RTV chassis is more screen accurate with strengthened mounting points. 

The Practical RTV chassis has a bigger frame to fill the RTV underside better, reenforced sides, and mounting spots for the battery, blue motor control box and smoke ecig/pump mounting plate.

Classic and Practical Chassis are based off of Quentin Michaels original design with edits by Phil Goulet.

(Big thank you to Quentin for providing your original design to the GB community.)

ECIG/pump mounting plate fits:

Kangertech T2 ecig

Mini pump KPM12A DC 3V 170618C KOGE Electronics Co. J. TD

(Kit does not come with ecig or pump)

(Chassis is resin and ecig tray is plastic)

Bumper stencil included to trace and cut out your own out of metal.

Plastic versions of all trap plates included but can be used as stencils to make your own metal versions.

There’s two parts to the screen frame to allow you to sandwich a piece of screen material between them and make a removable screen door to get to the trap guts on the fly.


Hockey puck sticks are used as arms to open the doors with servo’s.


Included are 4 sets of servo arms depending on the servo used.
You’ll need the appropriate small screws and nuts to connect the two together.

Included are two different knubs for holding the side knobs on if you decide to use real knobs verses these resin printed ones. If using the resin knobs included in this kit I would just use screws to hold them on.

IMG 3353

Most parts, especially the resin ones will need some clean up-sanding to make fit to your liking.

These parts are strong but not indestructible so take care in assembling.

Don’t want to buy the entire kit? I got you. Check out the drop down menus on this listing to buy the parts in separate kits including just the chassis, just the resin parts, or just the plastic parts.
I also have a drop down to buy only the front lamp/flashlights as a two pack. These tend to get banged up in front end collisions a lot. I would buy this spare set additionally with your order just in case and have them as spares to keep on hand.

Color of PETG plastic and ABS-like resin may vary from pictures on listing.

We at Fantastic Plastic highly suggest to take care when over taxing the Traxxas motor in the RTV it can get extremely hot and could potentially damage your RTV. 

Here are links to some assembly videos by the great Phil Goulet who made this possible:

Other parts needed for this kit that are not sold with:

Traxxas Stampede 4X4 (not the 2WD!) I find the unassembled kit works best. Battery: 6 or 7 cell NiMH or 2s LiPO. Standard: #2926X NiMH. Upgrade: #2961X NiMH or #2843X 2s LiPO

Charger: Standard: #2970 EZ-Peak Plus. Upgrade: #2971 EZ-Peak Live

Tires: Austar AX-3011 155mm 1/8 monster truck tires

Drive shaft: Traxxas part no 6755 6061-T6 aluminum. You’ll have to cut it down to fit the custom chassis. Drive hub, for the shaft: Front drive hub 6888x

You'll also need to swap out the rear shock tower for another front one (otherwise the trap tilts), use this: Front shock tower for Slash 4x4, stampede 4x4,telluride - get the factory original, not a metal one. The 3d files are designed to fit the original plastic Shock tower. You will need another set of front shocks. The rear shocks are too big. I used original shocks, but it looks to me like the movie folks used higher end aluminum front shocks on all four wheels. (They are very similar)

You will need 2 servos. I use a nice metal gear servo: EMAX E608MAII

Doors: silver low head cap hex socket bolts to attach the servo mech arms to doors. Metal pins on one side of the doors and socket heads on the other side are needed to hold them in place.

Number 8 or 10 metal mesh for inner trap opening.

9 LED Flashlight- the big one. Easy to find cheap on EBay for under $5 rip it apart and use the innards. Small flashlight - Hmm haven’t figured this one out yet, I think its based on a Maglite solitaire, but haven't had time to get confirmation.

Decals/dry rubs: I will provide them on my website soon

Wheel hubs: 17mm hub -23mm extension with a hollow center. That is to say there isn't a bolt holding the hub on-like the one i currently use. I've found what I think is the right one on EBay and Amazon. Search "17mm Hub 23mm RC" around $15, I wouldn't buy the $50 ones... Oh, they have pins to keep them on, so you'll have to remove the original hubs -search how to remove the hubs on You-tube.

Battery box magnets to hold cover plate on: 5x4mm X3

Black socket heads for assembly and side plates.

Rear battery box flat toggle switch

Red Linrose pilot hat light B4611B1

I noticed that the Antenna at the back is 4 complete turns of wire. The wire should make "almost" 5 turns, and ends at the top where the bottom one starts in the hole.

Kangertech T2 ecig

Mini pump KPM12A DC 3V 170618C KOGE Electronics Co. J. TD

(Write up above by Phil Goulet)

This kit comes with all that’s shown in the pictures.

Listing does not come with a fully completed/built RTV.  Kit comes with unfinished parts only. 

Combination of PETG plastic and ABS-like resin parts.
Overture PETG and ElEGOO ABS-like resin brands used.

PETG/RESIN parts designed by Phil Goulet with permission.

What’s included:

ABS-like resin parts:

RTV3Custom designed chassis-1 part
Front lamps/flashlights-5 parts
Battery box antenna-2 parts
Custom steering part-1 part
16S Amphenol connector-1 part
Vector plate-1 part
Vector plate resistor-1 part
Side Rods-2 parts
Right and left side plate knobs-2 parts
Front plate knobs-4 parts

(Custom chassis comes in two versions)

(Full kit comes with only one version of the chassis depending on what option you choose)

(Practical RTV chassis comes with ecig/pump mounting plate)


PETG plastic parts:

RTV4Battery top plate-1 part
Battery box-1 part
Bumper stencil-1 part
Top hole and screen frame-3 parts
Right side-2 parts
Left side-2 parts
Right side plate large-1 part
Left side plate large-1 part
Right side plate small-1 part
Left side plate small-1 part
Front plate-1 part
Doors-2 parts
Front shock mount-1 part
Rear shock mount-1 part
Right and Left side knob pegs-2 parts
Handle-4 parts
Custom servo arms-4 sets of 2
Custom door “hockey puck” arms-4 parts
Front lower assembly-1 part
Front lamp assembly-1 part
Bar graph plate-1 part


Current lead time from prep to ship is about 1 1/2 weeks

 All printed kits are printed to order. If you see that we are out of stock, please check back later.

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