Violent Night Skullcrusher Hammer

$40.00 each

Skullcrusher Hammer

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Here is jolly ole Saint Nicks weapon of choice, Skull crusher, back from his pre-Santa Norwegian fighter days of old.

This sludge hammer is pulled straight out of the Violent Night movie that was released December second, 2022. 

It comes in six parts with four hexagon shaped pins to help slot the head parts together. 

The four sections of the handle tab together and have an inner channel that fits a 3/8-inch diameter, 28.25-inch-long steel rod. (Not included but can be purchased at hardware stores like Home Depot)

 Color of plastic may vary from listing pictures.

Listing does not come with a fully completed/built skull crusher.  Kit comes with unfinished parts only.

Kit comes with all that's shown in the pictures.

What's Included:

Hammer head-2 parts

Hammer head pins-4 parts

Handle- 4 parts

Total: 10 parts

Made from high quality OVERTURE brand PETG plastic.

Files designed by Pouriya Afshar @paf3d

 All printed kits are printed to order. If you see that we are out of stock, please check back later.

Assembly video:



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