Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Spirit Tri-Bumper (Spirit pack compatible)

$25.00 each

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire 3D Printed Spirit pack Tri-Bumper Kit
Spirit of Halloween proton pack compatible.


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Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Spirit Tri-bumper spirit Pack Compatible - Etsy


Itching for the new Frozen Empire movie as much as we are? Well, here's your chance to scratch that itch a bit before the new movie comes out!

This is for an unfinished raw printed kit. It will require assembling, gluing, sanding, spot putty, filler primer and painting to achieve desired results.

Tri-bumper arms tab in with included 3d printed tabs.

Frozen Empire Bellows also included!

Fits original spirit of Halloween proton pack.
(Not the full sized version)


Parts included:
Left bumper arm
Right bumper arm
Lower bumper arm
Middle bumper hub
3x Tabs (Sized differently for each arm)
(May need some sanding to fit the tabs snug/correctly.)
Frozen empire sized bellows

Socket head screws and washers are an optional add on.
(6x Silver 1/4-20 x 1-1/4" Button Head screws and 6x 1/4-20 brass washers)

(Will need to drill into spirit shell to attach bumper.)

Tri bumper can fit over existing spirit molded-in bumper.

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Color of Plastic may vary. Will not affect your build being that it needs finish work/painting :)

Only included 3d printed parts. Spirit of Halloween proton pack is not included.

Made from high quality OVERTURE brand PETG plastic.


Files designed by Pouriya Afshar @paf3d

 All printed kits are printed to order. If you see that we are out of stock, please check back later.

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