Prusa UPGRADE MK4 PETG printed parts complete set

$45.00 each

Prusa MK4 Printed Parts Kit.


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This is a complete set of PETG printed parts for a MK4 Prusa printer.
(Plastic parts only, no printer included)

Upgrading from a MK3S/S+ to a MK3.9 or MK4 and you don't want to waste any time printing out the 30 plus hours of parts and you want them in good structural quality? Then we got you here at Fantastic Plastic 3D.

All the parts are printed in high quality Overture PETG filament.
(With the exception of the fan shroud, which is printed in ABS)

There are multiple color options to choose from in the drop-down menu.
Please select the colors you want for the primary and secondary colors of your printed MK4 parts.

Color 1 are the Primary parts shown in the color black in the listing pictures above.
Color 2 are the Secondary parts shown in the color orange in the listing pictures above. 

Parts included:

Frame parts:
x-holder-r2 x1
y-belt-idler-r2 x1
y-motor-holder-r3 x1

X-axis & X-carriage:
x-end-motor-r2 x1
x-end-idler-r2 x1
x-end-clip-r2 x2
x-carriage-r2 x1
x-carriage-clip-r2 x1

z-bottom-left-r2 x1
z-bottom-right-r2 x1
x-carriage-back-r2 x1
x-carriage-cable-holder-cover-r2 x1
x-carriage-cable-holder-r2 x1
ext-cable-holder-b-r2 x1
ext-cable-holder-a-r2 x1
z-top-right-r3 x1
z-top-left-r3 x1

main-plate-r2 x1
idler-lever-a-r2 x1
idler-lever-b-r2 x1
idler-nut-r2 x1
idler-swivel-r2 x2
pg-case-r3 x1. (version with 3 screws, compatible starting MK4 upgrade)
fan-door-r2 x1
fan-shroud-r2 x1
loveboard-cover-r2 x1
loveboard-cover-right-r2 x1
pg-assembly-adapter-mk3-r2 x1

xlcd-cover-r3 x1
xlcd-support-left-r3 x1
xlcd-support-right-r3 x1
xlcd-knob-r2 x1
psu-cover-r2 x1

Y-carriage & heatbed:
Heatbed-cable-cover-top-r2 x1
heatbed-cable-cover-bottom-r2 x1
y-rod-holder-r2 x4
heatbed-cable-holder-r2 x1
wifi-cover-r2 x1
y-belt-holder-r2 x1
y-belt-holder-tensioner-r2 x1
el-box-cover-r3 x1
filament-guide-r2 x1




Print settings: 0.20mm QUALITY, 3 perimeters/walls

Credit: Prusa Research
This work is licensed under a
General Public License v2.0

(Plastic parts only, no printer included)

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