Stark Mark 1 Arc Reactor Kit

$65.00 each
Stark Mark 1 Arc Reactor Kit options

Stark Mark 1 Arc reactor kit

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Tony himself had to start somewhere.  This is where Ironman's story began.

Built in a cave, the mark 1 arc reactor was assembled to power the mark 1 Ironman suit to help aid Tony in his escape to freedom.

Now you can build your own mark 1 arc reactor.

Please select from the drop-down menu whether you want a full arc reactor kit, arc reactor without display base, or just the display base itself.

Comes in a total of 52 parts including its display base.

We suggest using a two-part epoxy glue to affix all the parts together.

Color of PETG plastic may vary from listing pictures.

Listing does not come with a fully completed/built arc reactor.  Kit comes with unfinished parts only.

Kit comes with all that's shown in the listing pictures.

What’s included:

Display stand-5 parts

Cage fins-10 large and 10 small fins

Cage back gear-1 part

Cage ring-1 part

Inner cage donut-1 part

Inner cage fan-1 part

Inner cage main mount clear-1 part

Inner cage main mount rings-4 parts

Inner cage main mount circular mesh-1 part

Inner cage main mount ring with holes-1 part

Front ring with 3 arms-1 part

Spacers for front ring with 3 arms-3 parts

Main ring back slotted ring-1 part

Main ring clear-1 part

Main ring segments-10 parts

Plug-1 part

Total: 53 parts

Made from a combination of high quality PETG OVERTURE filament and ABS-Like ELEGOO resin. 

Files designed by Pouriya Afshar @paf3d

 All printed kits are printed to order. If you see that we are out of stock, please check back later.

Assembly video:


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