GB1 Ecto Goggle kit

$80.00 each

Fantastic Plastic 3D GB1 Ecto Goggle kit

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What better way to see all your ghosts and specters than with your own ecto goggles?

This is an uncompleted kit. (Pictures also show what a completed kit looks like.)

Sanding, filler primer, and spot putty recommended to finish this build.

Few tips for assembly:

Start with the frame plate that has the circular inlays for the lenses. 

Put the lower halves of the lenses in and then put the other frame plate over the lenses, sandwiching the parts together. 

Add your choice of socket head screws to the frame plate's four corners.

Finnish assembling the left and right lenses with their respective top halves and stand offs.

Press fit the lens assembly into the main frame.

I used socket heads to attach the battery cover and power knob

For the side knobs I cut the heads off some socket head screws and threaded them into the knobs carefully using a tap and then also threaded the completed side knobs into the frame directly.

Used a button socket head screw and lock nut to attach the top D-ring strap mount.

The stand offs can be press fitted into the lenses but glued if need be. I find it easier to not glue in case I break them.

The large side snaps can be glued on but I used 4-40 socket heads to attach mine. 

Padding is always a must to make the goggles completely wearable.  Craft stores sell sticky back black foam sheets the work great to cut a padding out of. 

Tamiya color TS-28 spray model paint works best for the perfect green olive drab Ecto goggle color. 

 Also included are two opaque disks for the lenses. These can be polished clear or left opaque. 

Most parts press fit together but will need sanding/finish work to do so.



What's included:

PETG plastic parts:

Main frame

Two lens mounting plates

D-ring top strap mount

3x tri-fold strap helpers

1x primary strap helper

ABS-like resin parts:

Tall lens 2x parts

Short lens 2x parts

Battery cover 1x part

Power switch 1x part

Side knobs 2x parts

Large side snaps 5x parts (3-4 are needed with extras)

Lens stand offs 5x parts (3-4 are needed with extras)

Large opaque disk 1x part

Small opaque disk 1x part


This is an uncompleted kit. (Pictures also show what a completed kit looks like.)

Please allow 2 weeks processing time before I can ship.

Made from high quality OVERTURE brand PETG plastic and Elegoo ABS-like resin

Files designed by Pouriya Afshar @paf3d

 All printed kits are printed to order. If you see that we are out of stock, please check back later.

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