Ghostbusters Gizmo Kit

$35.00 each

Ghostbusters Belt Gizmo kit

Purchase here on Etsy link:  Ghostbusters Gizmo Kit - Etsy 

Trying to complete your ghostbusters cosplay? here's an easy way to get an accurate looking gizmo to add to your belt!

Holster not included.

Parts list:

1x Main circuit board

1x Secondary board

1x Nixie tube shelf

1x Error box

8x Nixie tubes

Print to order.

About 5-7 day working time before shipping.

Color of plastic may vary. 

Printed nixie tubes come in a translucent PETG and are hollow to add Leds.

Printed in high quality OVERTURE PETG plastic.

Files designed by Pouriya Afshar @paf3d

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