Ghostbusters MT-500 Radio Kit

$35.00 each

 Ghostbusters MT-500 Radio kit

Purchase here on Etsy link:  Ghostbusters MT-500 Radio Kit - Etsy 

 Trying to complete your ghostbusters cosplay? here's an easy way to get an accurate looking MT-500 radio to add to your belt!

Holster not included.

 Parts list:

1x Front plate

1x Middle section

1x Back plate

1x Top button plate

1x Top switch

3x Top knobs

1x Antenna

1x Battery cover screw disk

1x Rectangular side button

1x Side detail plate

 Print to order.

About 5-7 day working time before shipping.

Color of plastic may vary.

Printed in high quality OVERTURE PETG plastic.

Files designed by Pouriya Afshar @paf3d

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